Because advertisements like this Puma ad are circulating through the media, the long-term effects of this strategy will not be good.Although it positively raises the profit percentages of many companies, in the long run, they will directly, negatively affect the very audience their advertisements targeted.On Thursday, a team of eight officers — a deputy with the U. Marshals and officers with the Colorado Department of Corrections and the Parker Police Department — teamed up to check on several fugitives who have outstanding warrants for their arrest. The operation, which concludes Sunday, is in its third year. Thursday, with officers still in the field and news of another apprehension coming in as he spoke, Rodriguez said there had been at least a dozen arrests that day and 64 since the program started.“We’re all working together to accomplish the same mission, to take perpetrators off the streets,” said Deputy Julio Fitzgibbons of the U. As importantly, he said, officers had made 1,841 “compliance checks” to make sure sex offenders were living where they are supposed to and their residence meets requirements.When one teen buys a particular product and it is liked, other teens ask their parents if they can buy it and it becomes the new trend.That age group is a top seller, not only in the fashion industry, but also in other industries, such as the music industry and car industries.Rachel Devlin, an associate professor at Tulane University says, “Advertisements, teen films, and music videos churn out an inescapable barrage of sexually provocative images of teenage girls.Some of the best contemporary social criticism has been concerned with the impact of commercial culture on girls' identity, or, as Joan Jacobs Brumberg recently put it, ‘the interaction between the garish commercial culture … Because of advertisements that use sex to sell their products, teens will think that it is okay to engage in sex, which will keep increasing the number of teenage pregnancies.

A juicy red steak, Or a tender, fish fillet done to a turn in a bright copper skillet Will soothe the rough edges Of tempers, no fooling!!! Advertisements like these created an ideal image of being a housewife and encouraged them to do so more than the limited educational advertisements. Statistics show that during that time period, although women had the option to be independent and go to college, they did not.Imagine this: Picture a girl in her mid-teens wearing a cropped, shorter version of her Catholic school skirt and an extra small Puma jacket that shows her bare middrift.Imagine that the picture is cropped so that she can only be seen from shoulder to toe.This, essentially, is the message that this Puma advertisement is screaming.In Puma’s ad, every detail targets a specific audience that they want their product to attract.

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