6520 speedstream updating

) - "my router lost the signal like a normal modem" - Lost what signal? Posted by Sems on 9/11/2007 AMHi - any ideas on how to unlock a speedstream from a previous ISP?I'm trying to get it working with my new ISP, but its been blocked by the previous ISP and won't allow me to enter the ISP info.Posted by Joe Blow on 3/19/2008 AMSince I no longer have the unit, I can't check it out. You can check the forums at dslreports.com, someone there might be able to assist as well. Posted by RPB (email) on 3/29/2008 AMI have a speedstream 6520 that i converted to bridge mode (by changing the ip addy to and I now want to access the router to check my line stats etc. I don't want to convert it back to router mode if I don't have to. thanks Posted by capte (email) on 6/1/2008 AMWe have a Speedstream 6520 on Bell.

I have been fighting with Bell for about 3 weeks about my Internet going up and down.

Resetting doesn't work as the isps software is still there.

Thanks Posted by com on 11/6/2007 AMI have been given a Speeddtream 6520 by a friend who just moved to the states and i have lost contact with him for while.

I currently have a Speedstream 6520 and I have been saving the log files from the Route and trying like hell to get someone at Bell just to look at them and tell me what if they can shed any light on the problem.

How could I attach a save log file so someone could look at it for me. Posted by Brent Moore (email) on 1/21/2008 AMThere is no option to attach files to comments.

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