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I went to Church as a kid, but it eventually fizzled down to just Christmas and Easter.

Then I got fed up with the Christians I hung around with at university and became an atheist.

With speed dating, it’s important to go in with the right mindset.You fill in a scorecard saying “yes”, “no”, or “friend” for each person, and you can log into the site the next day for your matches- although I think if you click with someone it’s worth just exchanging numbers at the event.I was interested to see how religion would affect the dynamic, but overall it was fairly similar.Although I think the concept is a great idea- you get to see the person in the flesh and hear their voice before you commit to a 2 hour date- I’ve found most guys tend to be averse to paid events so the guys there usually end up being a bit weird.Although my friend met her boyfriend speed dating so you never know.

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