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There were no legal restrictions on his visitation. My mother was careful not to give us her opinion of him, so we initially expected that he would ask to visit, or surprise us at the home of his parents, where we visited often.Having been a fatherless child and a divorced single mother, I served as a volunteer advocate in my adulthood for fathers separated from their children.

Whether or not the parents are united as a couple and reside in the home together with the child, each parent has value to the child and by extension to our society.

This appearance of his choice to be absent is the key to the complexities of the girl/woman’s questions about her value to their relationship.

As is true of many in my situation, I developed a fatherless daughter syndrome that would affect my self-esteem and my relationships with men over the years.

Flood his mail box with birthday cards, Father’s Day cards, Valentine Cards, and “I Love You Dad” notes.

He and my mother were divorced when my sister and I were toddlers.

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