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Requery to get data content up-to-date after a user enters some data.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing some weird data momentarily appear in the subform that eventually disappears after the Me. Is there a way to "freeze" the display of MS Access until the Me.

Is there a setting or Excel equivalent of Screen Updating property within Access that I can set to disable screen updating?

I have this macro that deletes and importing multiple tables and the flickering kinda irritates me.

There may also be a way to execute a macro from VBA using the Do Cmd method, but I'm not familiar with doing that.

I would like the queries to be invisible while they are running, but currently the user sees 50 query windows open/close which is ugly.

I, like probably thousands of vba writers are now finding their Excel 2010 (or earlier) macros employing this property to suppress screen flicker (and jumping between workbook windows) now make their applications look very .

With so many questions and comments since the release of Excel 2013, when this issue first occurred, there has not been an explanation from Microsoft as to why this property has been disabled and more importantly whether you accept with the level of concern a fix is required.

Ed Disabling the screen in Access is the same as in Excel. Instead of using a macro, link your button to a subroutine and execute the queries from there.

Ed Sorry, looks like it's as simple as Application. Here is a clip from a good help page by Tony D'Ambra.

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For example, this code will resize a sub-form within a resized form: [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.

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