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In the WTOP series, “Preventing Online Predators,” WTOP goes behind the screen with undercover detectives who work to identify and track down child predators on the internet and speaks to a family about how their teen daughter was targeted. — Sitting inside a nondescript conference room last spring, a Fairfax County detective powered up a computer and logged into an online chat room aimed at teenagers. And predators are constantly casting their net — way more often than you think, one federal prosecutor said recently — in their efforts to obtain sexually explicit pictures and videos from children.

With just a few keystrokes, the detective — a man in his mid-30s — became a 13-year-old girl. “When I did this earlier, I had five people in the first 30 seconds just hit me up,” he said. ’ other users began conversations with sexually loaded, sometimes stomach-turning questions. “You can open up your camera on your phone and take a picture in two seconds,” said the Fairfax County Police Department detective, who works in the department’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Unit.

We are bringing the same high quality care to our adult population.

Needless to say, the senior staff at Overhead Compartment is a little bit “old school.” We still get the newspaper delivered, we take the bus to work instead of ordering a Lyft, and we don’t necessarily know whether something is “lamestain” or if “cool” is bad or good. So, it was one of our tech nerd interns who first introduced us to Alan Resnick’s viral memes that have been spreading all over the Net.

“Through no fault of the app, it’s just the nature of it.

Where kids are, predators will follow.” Conversations that begin on the internet or in various, random group chats on apps and smartphones can quickly escalate in ways that many kids simply aren’t prepared for.

At times, police can get six or seven reports of these types of extortion cases each week, the detective said.

One user, who claimed to be a teenager, asked, “Do you like dominant guys? “A 17-year-old doesn’t talk like that, so we kind of know right away that that isn’t true,” he said.

“A lot of times, they’ll pretend that they’re younger people just to get involved.” The chat rooms were swarming with activity at a time when most teens are in school.

I explained that the breasts looked like eyes because they were round with two dots, and eventually she became more accepting of the drawing.

TH: Typically we encourage the interviewee to share the interview URL on their Twitter or Linked In and in the second half the room becomes a public space.

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For the series “Preventing Online Predators,” WTOP goes behind the screen with the undercover detectives who take on fake child personas to identify and interact with online predators — and build cases against them. For the series “Preventing Online Predators,” WTOP went behind the screen with the undercover detectives who take on fake child personas to identify and interact with online predators — and build a case against them.

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