Adult child dating divorce parent

Stop asking, accept her as she is, and maybe in time she will do the same for you.

Krystal's Question: My parents divorced 4 years ago.

She wants her father to attend and give her away, but without me.

I don't want him to go and feel quite betrayed that he is going to go. Gloria's Answer: Children from past relationships are always a tricky issue.

What I see is that while she has never "respected" your relationship with your husband, you are also not respecting the relationship she has with her father.

You may not agree with her gay lifestyle or her "getting married", but the relationship between father and daughter still stands.

But sometimes things just don't click and we have to deal with that, too.

From the start the daughter has not shown any respect for our relationship.

Now she is in a gay relationship and is "getting married".

My father and his new wife make every family get together and holiday difficult.

His wife has an odd work schedule and my Dad thinks everyone should change their plans to accommodate her.

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