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Pay Pal provides the means to pay with a credit/debit card without having to have or create a Pay Pal account.

That said, they do not make it prominent and I often have to explain to my users how to find it.

At least in the case of AML, I'm reasonably certain Pay Pal has to, under federal law, hold funds when it suspects money laundering.

Unlike banks, which have their AML policies and definitions reviewed, Pay Pal is relatively free in constructing this policy. Because "notwithstanding" only occurs twice in Pay Pal's agreements: one for the right to display your trademark; and another for arbitration.

It usually comes in the form "notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the rest of this agreement..." Remember that Pay Pal incorporates--and reserves the unilateral right to change--several policy documents into its agreements. They're also drafted by counsel working for Pay Pal. Pay Pal is, varyingly, registered as some form of a money transmitter in many states [2].I won't enter my credit card details on random sites I've found while googling for a certain product and won't buy from e.shops that don't accept Pay Pal.This thread offers good examples of what happens if you use paypal. Even ignoring the fact that I don't like paypal's business practices, and I believe paypal as a service should not be needed at all, I cannot ignore the fact that if I use paypal, I will lose access to my money and I won't be able to do anything about it.Even when using paypal purely as a proxy for buying stuff (with no money in the paypal account itself), I've had accounts locked for no particular reason (with payments denied to the seller, but me losing the money), which meant I didn't get my product and precluded me from doing business with the same seller in the future. Fortunately, it can be avoided for almost anything that matters, sans Ebay.

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A lot of people refuse to buy with anything other than paypal.

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