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Once that was out of the way, then all said it was 18, like I also thought: after all, almost everything else sex-related is, including buying contraception, having access to or appearing in pornographic materials, and working in de facto sex-related industries.

Not because that’s the consensus of English-language materials on the subject however.

Keep in mind that in the 1990s I think Canada’s age of consent went from 16 to 14 (or 12, if the other person was 14) which I also thought was quite low.

It recently was put back up to 16 due to people considered predators on My Space, etc.

Towards the end of our conversation, however, she said something that surprised me: “And, I am addicted to Pinterest.” I turned to her mother, who was also in the exam room, and asked, “Did you know she is on Pinterest? I believe parents should actively enforce the age restriction on social media sites for 4 reasons: 1.

She likes arts and crafts, and looking at hairstyles.

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…I’m surprised that the age of consent hasn’t been raised here, considering, as I mentioned, how much online activity is to be found with men looking to have sex with underaged girls, and how it’s routinely stated (even by the police on their website) that the age of consent is actually 19.

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