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This dating list of Joe Jonas includes Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Camilla Belle, Demi Lovato etc.Joseph Adam Jonas, popularly known as Joe Jonas is a popular American singer.In a recent interview, Joe admitted that he is dating, but it is nothing serious.Later, he was found hanging around with the popular actress of Game Of Thrones Sophie Turner. Also, Joe and Sophie were caught spending quality time together during the seasonal break of Game Of Thrones.If you are looking for swinger sex, create a FREE ad now!

Their relationship lasted for four months in 2010 and Demi had to go to a rehab.The breakup was dramatic, and she had written some songs on him.They dated from July 2008 to October 2008 though they never admitted to be a loving couple during their relationship.Actress Mandy was Joe’s teenage girlfriend, and they dated for merely three months during the summer of 2005.She was supposed to be a part of Jonas Brothers band, and they even wrote a song about her name “Mandy” but the relationship fell apart, and she took an exit from his life.

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