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They have been a large part of the show since 1994, when the five-strong family moved into Ramsay Street.Both Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and his wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne) celebrated 20 years on the show in 2014, and are stalwarts of the fictional Erinsborough community, with Karl serving as the area's doctor and Susan as principal of Erinsborough High.Benjamin Mc Nair, Kym Valentine and Jesse Spencer played Karl and Susan's three teenage children, Malcolm, Libby and Billy, respectively.They replaced the Willis family on the show and also as occupants of Number 28 Ramsay Street.Karl's father Tom Kennedy (Bob Hornery) visits and tells Karl that he is not his biological father, leading him to his real father, Ronald Davies-Smythe (Tony Hawkins).Karl does accept Ronald, but he dies shortly after and Karl continues to consider Tom as his father.We are all looking forward to Libby Kennedy’s return to Ramsay St in a special guest appearance.”She begins filming today.

Karl's father Tom Kennedy (Bob Hornery) made guest appearances between 19, and was the first major character on the show to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

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Storylines of the Kennedy family have included troubles within Karl and Susan's marriage over their 20 years in the show, which included two separation periods in the 2000s and a divorce, teenage angst storylines for their three children Malcolm (Benjamin Mc Nair), Billy (Jesse Spencer) and Libby (Kym Valentine), Karl's interaction with other Erinsborough residents through his job as a doctor, Susan's professions as school principal and also briefly editor of the Erinsborough News, and the death of Libby's husband in a riding accident shortly after the birth of their son.

In 1994, the "solid" Kennedy family was introduced in an attempt to bring the show back to its family-orientated roots.

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