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Terry Crews, Ellen Page, Selma Blair, Anthony Rapp, and others followed with allegations about others in Hollywood.

Tarana Burke’s #Me Too movement had found new life, taking over Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds with stories from people all over the world who’d endured sexual harassment and assault.

“I am pro-anger,” she told me multiple times when we met in October. "She’s always trying to connect people, and she knows everyone.

“I am anti-passivity.”Author Roxane Gay, who works with Tamblyn on an ongoing reading series called Feminist As Fuck, said she finds Tamblyn “really interesting.” “She’s really, really warm. It’s always astounding how many people she knows and how effectively she can just get shit done.” One of the things Gay admires about Tamblyn is the way she asserts herself, assessing what she thinks a given situation needs.

“I thought, I know Armie, so I opened it and looked at the chain,” Tamblyn told me.

“I thought, Oh my god, I remember that guy [Woods], and I tweeted the thing. ‘Even better’ he said.” The story blew up, her tweet racking up over 10,000 retweets and over 37,000 likes.

She’s a woman of strong convictions, her beliefs couched in the wryness and warmth that she radiates.

After Weinstein’s fall, everyone in the producer’s circle — directors, actors, agents, board members — found themselves under fire, accused of being complicit in the harassment and/or assault of at least 70 women.Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, had resigned amid sexual harassment allegations.“I’ve felt less alone this week than I’ve ever felt in my entire career,” Reese Witherspoon said during a speech that week — one in which she revealed her own assault by a director at the age of 16.Three weeks before the New York Times' Weinstein story went live, Tamblyn replied to a tweet about the actor James Woods after actor Armie Hammer had gotten into a tiff with him on Twitter.Woods had denounced the age difference in the queer romance Call Me by Your Name and hashtagged the tweet #NAMBLA, in reference to the North American Man/Boy Love Association that works to abolish age of consent laws.

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