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God wants all men to be saved; God wants all men to know the truth for them to be saved.A person cannot be saved if he lacks the effort in finding out the truths. He said, God wants all men to be saved and to know the truth. John , “Sanctify them through the truth; thy word is truth.” Therefore, truth that each person must know is the word of God. And if man’s salvation is dependent on his knowledge of the truth, it is a must, then, that every man gets to know the word of God, if we want to be worthy in the eyes of God. and then, they will pray in front of a television camera.The MCGI has crossed the line, by stating “a Christian must hate the person”.The point is made not just to hate the badness, but to actually hate the person, which is not the so-called Christian love add followers claim to show.

What is the explanation behind God’s prohibition of eating hares or rabbits? Are we included in the group of people who must obey that law? Whose teachings should the Christian generation follow?Our salvation is dependent on how we acknowledge the truth, as written in I Tim.2:4, “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” In other words, salvation is dependent on how much one has learned the truth.Only the Church can teach the wisdom of God in the salvation of mankind. Felix Manalo the angel ascending from the East being mentioned in Rev. What we are doing is an in-depth analysis of the different organizations of faith here in our country, as a fulfillment of God’s commandment that we study His words and that we seek for the truth.Salvation does not happen by accident, and neither is it something that can be attained without exerting any effort.

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