Ang pagdating ng mga amerikano sa pilipinas

Watching the clips and hearing the role-plays, I couldn’t help but imagine how hard it really must have been living in those conditions.

I felt the same thing seeing and walking through the various barrack sites we visited. I remember saying how I couldn’t imagine myself in a place like that, living in those types of quarters.

At the end of the day, with everything I’ve learned and experienced, I will always be thankful.

Visiting the nation's most war-torn battlefield – the historic island of Corregidor – felt like going to a place that did not move along with time.

The name no doubt rang a bell, and I knew it was a very significant place in our History, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I had resided to simply find out, or rather, rediscover what Corregidor was, going into the field trip.

Seeing them really gave me an image of how things looked before.

Eventually, we approached the island, and I remember saying how beautiful it was seeing it from a distance.

Upon arrival, the tour jeeps were already there waiting for us.

Those were the ruins of a structure which our fellow countrymen built, only to have it bombed and attacked, eventually dying in the very walls that were there to protect them. The same feeling stuck with me throughout the entire trip—a mix of amusement with the sites, but also a sense of reflection on what actually took place there.

The cannons, the lighthouse, statues, and fallen buildings were all worth seeing, but of course I had my moments of thinking about what they meant for those who actually lived in the time of the war; what they stood for, and what people experienced.

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I mean this in no sentimental, cheesy way, but yes, I did take time to reflect.

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