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“For us older people, this is a great delight,” remarked Teresa Vargas, one of the elderly who attended the concert, then continued, “because even though I’m in a sickly state, I was still given a chance to have fun.” Bro.

A knowledge of the authors is critical in dating the New Testament gospels.

Luke’s Gospel must be dated earlier than Acts of the Apostles, which was long thought to have been written no later than the nineties of the first century, partly because of the discrepancies between Acts and Paul’s own epistles, which began to be published widely in the second century: it was felt that if the author of Luke-Acts had access to Paul’s epistles, he would not have made so many errors in his account of Paul.

An analysis of the ‘synoptic problem’* has convinced nearly all New Testament scholars that Mark’s Gospel was the primary source used by the authors of Matthew and Luke for their gospels.

Daniel Razon, the Vice-Presiding Minister to MCGI, asked the elderly and the members of the VIDP to pray to God for more help in reaching out the brethren in need and fellowmen.

“Put your faith first before all other things,” Bro.But if we do this, we immediately find outselves from the fourth quarter of the first century into the third quarter of the first century.Matthew is considered earlier than Luke because it is in some respects closer to Mark, including that the anti-Jewish rhetoric of Luke then John is less evident in Matthew.Whether this is so or not - and the survival of so much material, comparatively about him is yet another indicator that John deceased much later than the other apostles - we again must ask what interval there was between these events.But if we move back 20-30 years, are we saying too much?

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I rather think the logical fallacy with this has been mentioned; but it's really rather theoretical these days.

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