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His debut effort, 1995’s , opened that year’s Reel Affirmations to extraordinary acclaim.It’s fitting, then, that his newest achievement is getting an area premiere at Reel Affirmations Xtra this Friday, March 24, at the HRC Equality Center on Rhode Island Avenue NW.For his part, Rapp welcomed the experience to play what he considers a character with darker tendencies.“There’s something about that exploration of human beings’ darker impulses that always really fascinates me,” he says over the course of a wide-ranging 45-minute conversation that covers everything from his screen debut in series, in which he’ll play a Starfleet officer who also happens to be gay.It felt like to completely say, “Yes, I’m one hundred percent homosexual” would invalidate any relationships or experiences that I’d had with women. I think for some people, when they think that public figures say something like what I said, they’re trying to obfuscate or hide. Part of what, to me, makes the show special, is that all of these labelled things about these characters are never directly talked about. The rest of it is just this is who they are, this is the tapestry of the community in which everyone lives, and there’s no muss, no fuss made about any of those aspects of their lives.I know that there are some gay men for whom they’ve never had any desire or experiences with women, and that’s one hundred percent the case with them. I wasn’t trying to do that — I was trying to have an open conversation about the nature of sexuality, and that there’s a fluidity to it to some degree in some cases. That’s one of the things that I loved about it, and am very proud of it.We lived near Chicago, and I auditioned for a couple things and got cast in the road company of RAPP: Yeah. Then I was working with agents, and kept auditioning and getting work.In the original Harold Prince direction there were four kids in two or three scenes. I think it’s a lot easier to break in as a kid if you have any talent because there’s just not as many of you. I always felt totally at home, totally comfortable, and was fortunate to get a lot of support and great feedback. It’s a very different landscape now, too, because of reality TV and talent shows on TV. It wasn’t a coming-out — I was like, ‘This is something I’ve wanted to do.’ I stood up for myself in an unusually bold way.” This was in the early ’80s and she also had been seeing actors that I’d worked with professionally who were sick from AIDS, and had died.

I also like the fact that “queer” was reclaimed from being an epithet to being a word that’s empowering. MW: Rent, an opera over one hundred years old, which is a classic for many reasons, not least of which is that it speaks eloquently about the power of love and community in the face of tragedy and struggle, as does .I think that because he’s just so remarkably skilled, he was able to bring those scenes to life.Make them more than just somebody reading text on screen.Yet it also bursts with moments of joy and revelation, mostly thanks to a captivating, ebullient performance from Rapp’s co-star Jimmy Brooks as Yenny.As a director, Young is no stranger to somber material.

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