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Not only will women be more attracted to you if you get rid of your bad habits, but you will feel better about yourself too.

Decide what your best qualities are and emphasize them.

Too much eye contact with a stranger will make him feel uncomfortable, but get it right, and it will get his attention and make him want to come over and meet you. Don’t get all tongue-tied when someone does talk to you If a man is talking to you, then don’t get all embarrassed and tongue-tied.

If you don’t respond to him, then he’s going to think that you are not interested and leave you on your own.

Do your best to eliminate bad habits that women might find unattractive.

For example, many women are turned off by smoking and excessive drinking.

If you are unsure about what clothes to wear, ask a stylish friend to help you out.

Of course, you don’t want your dating site mailbox to be overflowing with responses from guys you have no interest in. Or maybe you are willing to take anything with a pulse.

The first thing you have to do is to define your target market. Jot down a few of your “must-haves” as well as the deal-breakers that will count him out.

Don’t let your confidence be mistaken for aloofness and give out the impression that you are too good for anyone in the room. Give him opportunities to talk to you If you have your eye on one guy, then put yourself in a position where he can talk to you.

Be there, when he goes up to the bar or, get on the dance floor when he does.

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However, you don't need to follow a strict method or rules for women to find you attractive.

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