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Also, if he is not working towards a good, stable and highly remunerative job, this will be a sticking point that many parents will not tolerate lightly.I recently became aware of the experience of one of my close friends from church who was dating another close friend from the church.Given his less-than-stable upbringing by a single mother with a working-class status, the girl’s family found it hard to accept him as a suitor for their daughter.The relationship eventually broke down as it could not survive the constant scrutiny of her site 50, online gay hookup sites interracial marriage dating sites dating singles online ...

His family background from a “broken home,” however, was too much to accept by the other family.Families from Middle Eastern backgrounds and upbringings living in the West need to broaden their minds beyond their impossibly restrictive expectations.Happiness may not necessarily require the fulfilment of all such expectations.Not only from strangers and random aunties at church but from close family relatives and friends.I was getting closer to hitting the mid-20s in my life with no engagement ring on my finger.

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