Army regulation mandating lasik surgery

Instead of more government regulation of medicine, we need less.

Free-market plans, such as health savings accounts combined with high-deductible catastrophic insurance, preserve the patient’s right to spend his money as he sees fit, and have been proven to cut costs while preserving high-quality medical care.

Deductible requirement is subject to a monthly cap of .

Thank you for your editorial on the effort by the Army to take over at least 1,000 square miles of southeastern Colorado for the possible expansion of the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site.Why should Colorado allow the Army to take any of the land that belongs to our ranchers and rural residents for their misguided war games?Sure, they have eminent domain, but if our citizens and leaders stand up and say our state is not for sale at any price, they are likely to realize there is a better way.This is the normal pattern of a free market, and something we take for granted in the rest of the economy.Just ask anyone who’s bought a DVD player recently.

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