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With 250,000 visitors expected, it once again represents a chance for Jews young and old to shed their straight-laced heterosexual gender-as-per-birth shackles and let their inner queen romp riotously, if only for a day.

As for those whose straight-laced heterosexual gender-as-per-birth shackles were shed a while back, well, it’s just party time!

Though not exclusively gay, Israel’s only official nude beach is certainly the only of its type on the eastern Mediterranean.

Israel’s desert Negev region is also starting to develop an archipelagic LGBT scene.

The parade is due to start at 10am and will include a large fair with music, drag shows, speeches, specially designed floats, marching groups.

Departing from Ben Zion Boulevard/ Melchett Street, the parade route winds its way along the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv towards the city’s Charles Clore beach, where the famous beach party will be held from 2.30pm.

Here are 10 queer hotspots not to be missed, six within Tel Aviv, and four beyond as well: ‘Tel Francisco’ (The heartland of the action) Tel Aviv is the epicenter of Israel’s LGBT scene; the undisputed queer Mecca of the Middle East.

Some estimate that gay people constitute 15% of the city’s population, numbering tens of thousands of locals – and ever-growing hordes of tourists.

There’s also fashionista Sheinkin Street, and iconic Meir Park, a social hub for LGBT Israelis, site of its main community center, the traditional starting part of the city’s pride parade (see Step 2 below), and now proud home to a memorial to Nazi barbarity’s gay victims. Haj of the Pridestanis: Tel Aviv’s annual LGBT parade From bronzed muscle-gods and elaborately decorated floats to pointed political placards and masses of rainbow flags emblazoned with the Star of David, Tel Aviv’s annual gay pride parade is a must for those who want to experience Israel’s at it’s gayest, and some would say its freest (and still others at its most degenerate) .

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Now in its 21st year, the 2019 parade is being held on Friday 14 June, although Pride Week stretches from Sunday 9 June to Saturday 15 June.

Considered the gay-friendliest country in the Middle East, Israel offers LGBT tourists a smorgasbord of experiences.

From the carnal to the cultural, a veritable rainbow trail increasingly stretches the length and breadth of this tiny yet tantalizingly diverse country.

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