Bausch lomb crystalens hd accommodating iol

Two and three year follow data indicates that the pseudoaccommodation of the Crystalens does not significantly diminish with time.In the FDA clinical trials it was found that a vast majority, but not all, patients implanted with a Crystalens accommodating IOL achieved a measurable improvement in accommodation.How much would it cost me to have a Crystalens implanted in my eye after cataract surgery?Being expensive, this is unfortunately one of the major obstacles to having a Crystalens cataract surgery.This allows the patient to see clearly far, intermediate and near objects.These IOLs minimize the need for post-operative special reading glasses. The Crystalens was designed by Eyeonics Incorporation and was the first FDA approved (in November 2003) accommodating IOL in the world.

The Crystalens uses the contractions of the eye muscles responsible for accommodation to flex the IOL.

The Crystalens is one of the presbyopia-correcting IOLs or the accommodating IOLs.

These resemble the most advanced treatment option available to cataract patients.

The flanges are connected to the main body of the IOL through a specially designed hinges.

The hinges are made from a peculiar type of silicone named Bio Sil.

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