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But before you throw in the towel and pack your bags, keep reading to find out how a single can make his or her way through the city’s dating scene.San Francisco is the land where its inhabitants are better at creating the thing they want instead of searching for it.The whole premise of Meetup is to obviously meet new people, so many of its users are already single. No matter what happens, the number one thing to do as a single in San Francisco is to relax and not give up.

Many people are tired of dating in their own city and perhaps even fantasize about meeting someone in another.

It may be time for a crash course in toughening up and prioritizing your standards.

No doubt, you’re as busy as the next single, so don’t go rearranging your entire calendar just to squeeze a drink in with that new guy who is only available every other Tuesday night.

Regardless of what you choose with your date, thinking outside the box will not only win you brownie points but will also take both of you out of the comfort zone, making you stand out.

In this day and age, everyone is staring at their phone screens, the typical 9-5 schedule isn’t very typical anymore, and the rules of dating and exclusivity are not at all what they once were.

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