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By the end of the competition, many of the contestants say that they have learned much about interacting with people from a different social group (and positive lessons about the character of people from that group), positive things about themselves and their own character, and often something about human nature in general.

After the airing of season 5 in 2008, production stopped and the show was cancelled.

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Arnett Allison Kaz Paul Hogan Danny Kon Steve Youel Matt Assmus Matt Westmore Ian Golding Julie Singer Lisa Michelle Singer Adam Paul Steve Pilot Mike Richards Sean Paulsen Siegfried Hildebrand Jessley Ranek Jamie Sykes Tee-a Hof D. (For the fourth season, the producers modified the formula to include an extra team consisting of a male "beauty" and a female "geek".

The premise of the show consists of a group of "Beauties" (young women who have relied primarily on their looks) and a group of "Geeks" (young men who have relied primarily on intellect rather than ...

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Arinaga Josh Lennox Debra Light Paul Makkos Joe Weiss Scott Zabielski Michael Degl'Innoenti Anne-Marie Hess Marina Catala Kurt Jones Ryan Main William Drucker Scott Bagley Katherine Griffin Mike Barry Pierre Dwyer Karl Kimbrough Teresa O'Mara Paul Sadowski Bradford L. The show's title is a parody of the titled film (and TV series) Beauty and the Beast.

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