Benefits of dating older

Unless they somehow managed to build their empires from their mom’s basement, chances are pretty solid that men in their 40s have also had their fair share of partners.

Dating can bring out every emotion from fabulous and fun to frustrating and frightening, but that’s never caused me to avoid it. This particular relationship occurred when I was 24, fresh out of a serious relationship which ended quite horribly.

Older men worked hard in their 20s and 30s so that they could enjoy the finer things in their 40s.

They own their own homes, are more likely to have paid off their vehicles, have a strong investment portfolio and want to enjoy more expensive restaurants, wines, dates and vacations than those younger men still working their way up the corporate ladder.

but it’s refreshing and very attractive, to know that if someone pulled the rug out from under your feet, your man could and would help break your financial fall.

But not only is he capable of playing your handsome hero on horseback, it goes much further than this.

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School, work, finances, goals, life – and there’s just so much happening in this pinnacle time in their lives that relationships seem to be a secondary priority – or not a priority at all.

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