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In it’s Elliot: a 13-year-old bisexual, grumpy, nerdy teen who is appalled by both the dearth of technology and the levels of fitness involved in swinging swords around.

But one uncharacteristic social interaction, initiated by Justin, bring two guys—a new friend, Travis, and Justin’s crush, Evan—onto center stage in his life.Despite his aversion to war, work, and most people (human or otherwise) he finds that two unlikely ideas, friendship and world peace, may actually be possible.New friends include Serene-Heart-in-the-Chaos-of-Battle, a beautiful elvish warrior, and her blond human friend Luke, who is just as cheery as his sun-streaked hair implies.You probably noticed that I’m specifically listing volume 2, and that’s because the bisexual boy character doesn’t show up in this superhero comic series until volume 2 (although volume 1 does have gay and lesbian characters and you should read it so you’re up to speed on where the second volume starts).begins when the avengers have been chased away from Earth by Mother and are in hot pursuit of their kidnapped friend across the multi verse.

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Fifteen-year-old Hazard James is having a hard time fitting in in more ways than one: he’s a bisexual guy in a world where no one believes bi guys even exist, and he’s stuck between two social groups at school.

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