Biblical view of validating feelings

Did you ever notice 10,000 prayer letters piled up in front of him and he asks God to answer every prayer request for healing, anointing the letters even with oil. We are to pray specifically for our needs not a general prayer for everyone at once when there are serious personal needs.This not the way the body of Christ is to function looking to certain men as their mediators to heaven.However God wants his people to discern and often times he will test them by a miracle to see whom they really love and follow. If one takes the atmosphere away and the soft music and the manipulation of a rock concert, the over expectations of the people (expect your miracle), the prefab orchestration of the testimonies and the conductor, what's left? " No where do we see physical organic diseases healed as the apostles did. To me this does not conclude that what occurred is from the Lord. Even if there have been people healed in the audience its not from Hinn's hands.The message-- which isn’t much in substance for people to hang onto. I hear over and over again that people come from all over the world to be there so God can heal them. Whose to say it wouldn't have occurred if they stayed home if all one needs is faith.God has ordained the local body to do the ministry to the people they know.If one is sick they are to go to the elders of the Church and be anointed with oil. We are all praying to the same God and he has no favorites.The biblical picture is that the gifts are operational in the local Church body.Only the apostles had had the ability going from Church to Church to do what we see claimed today by certain individuals.

Even when Israel was steeped in idolatry and didn't acknowledge the true God, He provided for them.Those who testify say they felt a warmth "the presence" as electricity. If you believe this you just checked in on the Titanic.Hinn has stated in the past that faith comes from hearing the word not yesterdays word but today's. There are many who are our greatest examples of faith that had to go on what God said yesterday.Rarely do I ever hear a person say well Benny must be of God because his teachings are so biblical.Its usually people with Benny Hinn and there feelings concerning him, that they draw there conclusions from and not the Bible.

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There are those who claim Benny Hinn must be of God because people are getting healed at his crusades.

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