Bisexual dating ft myers

Very friendly atomosphere and the people are not snobish at all.

We can't wait to attend this years Halloween party.

DJ is ok music tends to get too load and drink are average. Everyone was friendly we even went to an after party. We just wanted to say that we attended this venue this past weekend and had an incredible time and met many wonderful couples.

Crowds are hit or miss, some weeks are buzzy some are just the owners and a few regulars. Look forward to there fetish party We visited this establishment for the first time last Sat with no expectations and no idea of what we'd find. Upon signing for our membership, the door staff introduced himself and made sure we were introduced to several couples in attendance as well as the owners. The music and DJ were great, the service was great, all in all we had a wonderful evening! The hosts were gracious enough to introduce us to several couples that have invited us to a private party this coming weekend.

We did meet a couple of nice people who stated they felt the same way and would not come back.

There is one in New London also but did not like that one either.

We're going to be in town 10/20-10/23 and the wife says find a glory hole so she can watch me suck some cocks. I've looked at other sites but getting conflicting info about whether they are still open or have glory holes.

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Bisexual Playground is a great place to discover gloryholes in your area. Have gone to a few glory holes (Red Barn,& place in Toms river NJ) pretty cool glory holes and theater. On Allen Avenue in Providence, RI, there are a couple of clubs near Cheaters with glory holes. In central east Florida, Cocoa,no glory holes but an acttive theater that on occassion has a few women. The place is the Showboat kind of sleazy but active. Danny's in Willimantic can be good for Glory Holes.

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We were also dissappointed because we did notice alot of people signed up for the event and when we arrived it was not that crowded, and we did hear from some of the crowd that it just recently opened and might take awhile to get going. We went to check out the new location and were disappointed.

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