Blind dating 2016 limited ssf

It really is a MUST in the cleantech industry.” will highlight what we are seeing occur in response to what we foresee as a somewhat abnormal and chaotic next decade ahead (compared to the 2010s).

By 2030, we have the inconvenient challenge of needing to have halved carbon emissions globally, and we are clearly not on track.

He provides strategic guidance and advice to established building management firms, technology providers, and early-stage innovators.

Sunfire received venture capital financing from world-renowned investors.

Our 17-year history of Cleantech Forums speaks to the importance of our events in getting deals done (or started), and the feedback we receive from attendees each year highlights the unique opportunities found at our Forums.

The Forum will officially kick-off in celebratory mood with the announcement of the 11 annual edition of our Global Cleantech 100 list, as well as the release of our Global Cleantech 100 report, highlighting some of the key innovation trends of the next 5-10 years – represented by the Global Cleantech 100 companies, the Ones to Watch (a sister list) and the thousands of inputs we aggregate during the Global Cleantech 100 research phase.

Our Cleantech Forums give you a glimpse of the future, get you out of your everyday silos, provide a different perspective, and help you find innovations of relevance that are in adjacent or altogether different industrial and technology areas.

We convene the game-changers from multiple sectors all in one place for three days, from 25 countries, and from over 100 cities worldwide.

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