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Despite being faced with tight programme deadlines Brett Landscaping offered to work with Tolly Paving to find a solution that would meet these requirements.Brett Landscaping, through their knowledge of heavy duty pavements, product development and their flexible manufacturing capabilities were able to fast track a product that would fully comply with the requirements of the product specification.The specification also required that the blocks needed to have higher strength and abrasion properties than the benchmark values for concrete block paving performance outlined in BS EN 1338: 2003.Brett Landscaping demonstrated through working with the Project Team that all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation of the Zeta Lock blocks would meet the stringent contractual requirements of the Great Yarmouth project.As a result most commonly available compliant sands have spherical particle shapes.Experience has shown that this type of sand can be readily removed from the joints under heavy traffic action.

In order to comply with the stringent project specification and meet the demanding site programme Tolly Paving as part of their sub-contract tender submission, proposed machine laying the blocks as opposed to traditional hand lay methods.This product became known as Zeta Lock and was launched in 2009.Zeta Lock harnessed the technology of similarly available interlocking pavers but the nib configuration was enhanced to ensure that no block-to-block contact, which could result in localised spalling of the block surface, was possible when installed.The evolution of the project from design and specification, through to the supply and installation of the concrete block pavers and jointing material, was co-ordinated in such a way as to ensure that all the contractual obligations were fully met to the satisfaction of the client.In order to improve installation efficiency and minimise the need to cut blocks at edge restraints, Zeta Lock was developed to include two purpose made accessories; the half block for pattern completion and the closure block for abutting the block pavement to a straight edge.

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