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Outlook automatically makes the default Contacts folder available through the Address Book dialog, but you can also add other folders containing contacts to your address book.

Use the same procedure to remove Contact folders from your Outlook Address book, unchecking the option to use as an Outlook Address book.

Adding Other Contacts Folders | Automatic name checking | Notes | More Information To add any folder containing Contact items to the Outlook Address Book: You can configure Outlook to look for matching contacts when you tab out of the To, CC, or BCC field. Rather than clicking the To button and choosing names, you can type people's names (or part of names) and Outlook will match them to existing contacts.

If it finds more than one possible match, the name is underlined.

The people that were having issues with the wrong name displayed had inherited email addresses from ex-employees.

Facebook changes features like Kim Kardashian changes husbands.Remove Proxy Addresses from the Address Book Scope This is simple enough to achieve.You’ll need the Lync 2010 Resource Kit, and one of the tools in there called ‘ABSConfig.exe’.That can’t possibly be right, and let’s face - it will never fly properly.I fixed that fairly quickly as it looked like an administrative mistake.

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The Outlook Social connector (Free with Outlook 2010/2013) will do what you are asking for.

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