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O’Driscoll dumped her at the end of a night’s drinking after losing an important game against Munster 30-6.

He deals with it in one succinct line: “By the time the night is over I’ve broken up with Glenda.” He said in an interview after the break up: “Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that there are highs and lows and to have them in the public domain as well is a tough pill to swallow.” He went on: “I’m public property when I’m on the pitch but I’d like to think I’m not public property off it.” This weekend a photographer, who followed Brian closely both during his time with Glenda and his subsequent relationship with Amy spoke of the dramatic turn -around once he learned the life lesson that you can’t put the celebrity genie back in the bottle.

Glenda was a judge on the panel and appeared in the audience of The Late Late Show where she was interviewed by Pat Kenny on Brian’s inclusion on the list. At the time, O’Driscoll was sporting bleached blond hair and began popping up occasionally on the Dublin nightclub scene.

We always love Brain O' Driscoll and Amy Huberman's banter on social media, but Brian's birthday post to his wife is a particularly funny one.

Amy celebrated her 38th birthday yesterday and her hubby took to Instagram to wish her a great day.

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Brian O’Driscoll was in full flight celebrating the country’s first Caithreim Mhor in 61 years in a sensational climax to their Six Nations Championship.

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