Brie larson dating john patrick amedori

The pair commited to become husband and wife during a romantic trip to Tokyo.

However, the pair took a lot of time planning their wedding as Brie’s career was taking off in Hollywood.

Sadly, instead of getting married, the longtime couple ended their engagement in Januray 2019.

Previously, Brie dated John Patrick Amedori in 2008.

Brie was born to chiropractor parents on 1 October 1989.

The Sacramento, California native’s life turned upside down after her parents divorced when the actress was just age six.

Also, the actress dated actor Cody Linley for a year from 2006 to 2007.

All signs are pointing to a long-term relationship!

4) He sounds like the perfect boyfriend: With some of Greenwald’s other traits, it’s no wonder that Brie Larson is so smitten with him.

In return, the actress acknowledged her man in her award speeches.

After the incredible time in her career, Brie got engaged to her long-time boyfriend in March 2016.

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