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Calpernia Addams poses with actor Troy Garity (who portrayed her late boyfriend Barry Winchell) on the set of A Soldiers Girl in 2002 .Through her artistic endeavors, she was able to combat violence against women by raising funds for several organizations.There, two soldiers would stand accused in the murder of the only man she has openly loved in her 29 years.

While her real name remains a mystery, she adopted the moniker, Calpernia Sarah Addams.

'' Libertine gentlemen,'' she says, with a sideways slice of her green eyes.

Short braids dangling on her shoulders make her look like Dorothy Gale, only taller.

Likewise, under her production company, she produced films that represented the transgender community by shedding light on their struggle.

Calpernia Sarah Addams has just rebuffed two handsome men (and a not-so-handsome one) who offered her compliments as she hurried across Union Street in Nashville.

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