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Its been difficult for his mother and I as well as his surviving sister. This life is devoid of all happiness since you left. And everyday I’m reminded of the pain of losing you, but also how amazing you were. modal=admin_todo_tour Posted 30/08/2019 Paul Edward Mills Jr passed away April 19th 2019, he was my best friend, lover and everything in between, there’s not a day I don’t wish I had done more, but even so I know I done what I could, Overdose took the most important person in my life, I will forever be changed and I will continue telling his story in hopes to save someone else from going through this!

Its hard to believe after surviving a year of combat in Iraq, that his life would be ended by a pill….. I love you baby girl 💜💜💜 Posted 30/08/2019 My tribute is to my daughter father who overdose on morphine. Rip Peter Guerrero 01/05/74 – 03/23/13 We miss & love u Melissa Alexis Posted 30/08/2019 29th August 2019 marked the 28th anniversary of my mother death from AOD aged 42. I recently completed a suicide first aid course during which we shown a line graph of male and female suicides over the past 100 years in Australia. It was due to the over prescribing of Barbiturates??? I would like to start a campaign in my mothers name to address this.. Posted 30/08/2019 My dear friend Jason G, You’re so missed everyday and thought about everyday.

New York Posted 31/08/2019 Our beloved Alex Buzzi died of an overdose on June 27, 2019 in Pompano Beach, Florida.

His 27 year old body is dead, but his soul will live forever!

Alex was also adventurous and taught ESL in grades 1-5 in northern Spain.

Elias was buried on August 31st – International Overdose Awareness Day.He passed away on March 23,2013 His illness was cirrhosis to the liver. A wonderful lady whom was a victim of the Pharmaceutical negligence during the 60 & 70s. This negligence also affect my siblings and I and made our childhood very traumatic. There was a very significant spike in both female and male in the late 60s. You were the definition of a true friend and it’s still not real to me that you’re gone.I’m grateful for that phone call you made to me to get your message to me and then you had to leave me. I could always call you and you would just listen and then make sure you checked on me. Love ya Posted 30/08/2019 Our life together had been a hard life.We are supposed to pass before our precious children and as a parent to have our babies go before us is an unbearable pain that something only another parent who has lost a child can understand.When someone says to me, Tony’s in a better place, I cringe because as a mother there is no better place than for a child to be with his mother, no matter the age.

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