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Whatever they say, men and women are mentally different from us here. In the eyes of many men, girls and women are easy to get in touch with, it is easy to get acquainted with them, communicate, talk, as they are always open for communication without tension and arrogance to the interlocutor. They have a well-developed feeling, a desire to help if you need something. You will be taken by the hand and shown what to do. A little unimportant thing can make them cry and worry. If we are talking about the issue of personal relations, there is such a moment that relations with you can be very tense at the initial stage, especially if there are problems with the language, because they have such a trait here that they should maintain relations more with their countrymen, those who are francophones, the descendants of the very first 7 thousand settlers. Very ambitious, they have a clear understanding of what they want from life.In dealing with Canadian women, not everyone has a lot of experience; moreover, there were no special experiments with Canadian women. In this regard, it is also a very good trait that distinguishes local girls and women from those that we have. They are very direct in terms of presenting their thoughts and desires, they don’t beat about the bush, they don’t come up with any equivalents, and so on. They do not count on the family, on that the husband will support, provide them with all the necessary things and so on.In Canada, it is customary to share in the relationship all the material costs.It is accepted that a man and a woman are at about the same career level (in the sense that if a woman makes a career, then the man must correspond); such misalliances are not very developed here when a woman earns very well, makes a career, and a man is an ordinary worker. So, we can say that men and women in Canada are really equal in the sense that a woman demands that the man who is going to be next to her should be equally developed financially, spiritually, and professionally. My best features are my hair, I am free and attractive woman, seeking new sensations.Great conversation motivates me, I live my life with intent and purpose.It is the second largest country in the world, covering almost 10 million square kilometers from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts and from its southern border to the North Pole.

Speaking of gender differences, in Canada they are not as noticeable as in Russia, for example.In Canada, if we are not talking about marital relationships, and people simply “date,” then women prefer to be on their own.When dating Canadian women, it is important to show attention all the time.Perhaps, it still makes sense to say that women in Canada are striving for independence and autonomy.If they have a relationship, they want to live in their home; invite men and meet them in their own territory.

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