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In 2001, during the Afghanistan War, she spent a month embedded in the 101st Airborne Division in Kandahar.While there, she filmed for the ABC docuseries , was published in February 2014 and was optioned by Critical Content.Radziwill, along with Heather Thomson and Aviva Drescher, were the newest additions to the Season 5 cast in 2012.She quickly became friends with Skinny Girl founder Bethenny Frankel in Season 8, though their friendship has since soured."To me, I look at it as a job, I've been working since I was 13, even through my marriage when my husband could have certainly paid my bills [Laughs].But it's a job and I felt a little bit like maybe I'd be a quitter after just doing one season."Last season, Carole was dating musician Russ Irwin, and this year's she's a "single girl, kind of about town.""You'll see me go out on date. It's very hard to see yourself dating…but I do go on dates, so you'll see that." But viewers will also get a look into the world of publishing as filming picked up the last steps of Carole's work on "The Widow's Guide." "A lot of my life is my work, so you'll see me meeting with editors and I record the audio book, do signings and press and stuff for the book," she said. Then you'll see me complaining about my love life rather than participating in it." is a bit different."There's definitely drama on this season and people love that, and also we had a lot of fun this season because we all knew each other much better.

Radziwill eventually worked for Peter Jennings' documentary unit, producing shows on abortion and gun control, and covering foreign policy stories in Cambodia, Haiti, and India.I don't know, I just felt like [Heather and I] were a little concerned about that, and we felt like there were a few of the women by the end of the first season—unlike Heather and I who got really close and that was a real organic friendship—there were others that we left the season thinking, ‘Oh boy, she's just crazy.We don't really want to spend much time with her,'" Carole told E! While on the show, Carole saw its benefit firsthand.Carole is the president of the board in her building and is pet mom to two kitties, and a dog. Best-selling author and award-winning journalist Carole Radziwill grew up in upstate New York. Carole's work with Peter Jennings' documentary unit and the newsmagazine shows garnered her three Emmy Awards, a Robert F. Carole has traveled all over the world for her work, reporting on stories from places like Cambodia, India, and the Middle East.Carole is the president of the board in her building and is pet mom to two kitties, and a dog.

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