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Our AI Interaction Designers use the principles of intuitive UX, the power of AI, and the strength of concise conversational writing.Event Bots can be integrated with your event and registration system platforms, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.Instead of a long and generic answer, our chatbot will give a quick and precise response creating an intelligent conversation with the customer.

Here is my suggestion about what can improve the quality of chatbots and what developers should consider: Improving language understanding has great potential to solve numerous problems.The Inbenta Chatbot recognizes conversation context, uses webhooks to perform transactions and is instantly available 24/7.The Inbenta Chatbot can uncover the intent behind each user’s question.Only the best chatbots use artificial intelligence, NLP technology and machine learning to understand exactly what your customer is asking, no matter if slang, jargon or spelling is used.At the heart of any perfect customer interaction are an intuitive conversation, a seamless purchasing experience and no wait times.

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