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A complete blood count (CBC) is also often done to check the number of white blood cells (WBCs) in the circulation.An increase in WBCs is usually a sign of an infection in the body.Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be mild or so severe that you have to go to the hospital.It happens if an infection causes the air sacs of the lungs (doctors call these “alveoli”) to fill up with fluid or pus.Make sure you take all of the medicine your doctor gives you, even if you start to feel better.If you have viral pneumonia, antibiotics won’t help.When the base or the lower segment of the inferior lobe is involved, it is usually called basilar pneumonia or basal pneumonia.The cause of basilar pneumonia is frequently bacterial infection, specifically from .

Some patients with milder symptoms are usually sent home after having been prescribed with medications.

Analysis of the sputum may also be performed in order to distinguish the type of bacteria that's causing the infection, and to determine which medicines will work well against them.

Treating basilar pneumonia often involves the use of antibiotics, which are effective in killing most types of bacteria.

The liquid can be pulmonary edema, inflammatory exudate, pus, inhaled water, or blood (from bronchial tree or hemorrhage from a pulmonary artery).

Consolidation must be present to diagnose pneumonia: the signs of lobar pneumonia are characteristic and clinically referred to as consolidation.

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But most people get “community-acquired pneumonia,” which means they didn’t get it in a hospital.

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