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You can't use Smart Art in Power Point 2003, but you can save the format to and run the presentation in Power Point 2003.

For your convenience, you can download the example and files.

Learn to create the outline, get input from collaborators, and then transition that outline to an initial slide deck.

Figure A shows a simple text box with seven bullet points.

Sometimes presenters get so wrapped up in creating the perfect slideshow, they forget its job is to support their talking points.

In this course, Rich Harrington shares his workflow for building an effective Power Point presentation, starting with a strong outline.

To illustrate, let's add a simple animation that displays one bullet at a time, as follows: That's it! During the show, a single click will display each bullet point, one by one. For instance, you might want to reduce the weight of the outline. Remember to select the Smart Art list block and then press [Ctrl] [A] to select all the bullet points before applying changes, unless of course you want to emphasize individual points.

Our simple list will get the job done, and it's more than adequate.

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