Consolidating towns

In a day when we desperately need innovation in how we educate our kids, our schools systems seem calcified, unable to change course in any substantive way, despite the fact that we are falling behind in many key areas. And not the type of innovation that manifests itself in saving a few dollars on paper clips.The need for innovation is the key reason why we should not be seeking the consolidation of local governments. What we need is the type of innovation that provides different responses to the same stresses.In other words, we've come kicking and screaming into the "transformation" phase.But this is the Consolidation is a response to the notion that our problem is essentially one of efficiency.

Our state and local governments are in a bit of a pickle.

Multi-million dollar bonds to construct large, centralized facilities made more sense before gas.

The reality today is that, no matter how high fuel costs go, we'll be busing kids for miles each way, unable to walk away from these massive investments we've made (no pun intended).

The idea is that local governments are not efficient enough and therefore we can increase efficiency by combining them into fewer governments.

Like the banking sector, fewer players means more efficiency.

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