Consolodating credit cards

Next, it is a good idea to put almost all of your purchases on one card.

The more of your living expenses that goes onto one card, the more points you can earn.

Make sure that you can transfer points between cards if that’s the case.

Chase offers the option to transfer points between Chase cards which makes it easy to cash in your points later.

I was denied the loan and offered one for 5.000 for 10.5% interest...

Not sure what your income looks like, but K in debt can be fixable. If the day before your next payday you find leftover, put it towards your debt.

Consolidating multiple credit card debts is a handy solution to use.

If you only use your credit card for an occasional purchase here and there, you won’t be able to build up your points balance quickly.

A great way to build up your credit card rewards is to do two things: use one card frequently and put almost all of your purchases on that card.

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