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The large area below the erosion island is the zone of Al stops, but their radioactive decay continues.

To understand this situation, it is useful to imagine one in the place of a rock particle under an eroding surface.Although erosion studies can be performed in bedrock, they are actually most commonly done on sediments. Consider a landscape that is in an erosional steady state and that is irradiated by cosmic rays. Above the erosion island is the ‘forbidden zone’ of physically impossible cosmogenic nuclide compositions.Samples plotting in this area are likely to suffer from methodological or analytical errors.As the particle approaches the surface, it sees an exponentially increasing cosmic ray intensity and cosmogenic nuclide production rate.So in the case of an eroding surface, the cosmogenic nuclide content can be used not to measure an exposure age, but an erosion rate ( Let us now move on to a cosmogenic radionuclide in a surface that undergoes no erosion.

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Table 8.1 lists the most commonly used cosmogenic nuclides.

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