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“People love the idea of dating other people, but unless you’re all actually in love with each other, it’s not worth getting into a poly relationship,” he said.“It’s a lot more effort satisfying two partners physically and emotionally,” he said.“Some nights you just want to chill out and even when you’re chilling there’s still two other people in the house and chances are one of them wants your attention.“We were together basically every night, which became exhausting and I just didn’t have the energy for it in the end.” Despite previously concluding polyamory did not work for him, Mr Marrasso said CNM is still something he will always want prospective partners to consider.“I’m at that point now where I want to build and enjoy life with someone, and I’m not fussed whether or not we bring another partner in,” he said.

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Mr Marrasso said being in a polyamorous relationship was “a lot of fun because we were our own party when we went out together”.

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