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These stories are posted on The RED HEART Campaign's Memorial to Women and Children Lost to Violence.The Australian Femicide Map is an interactive version of the memorial that allows users to search for victims and read their stories while providing an overview of where violent deaths are taking place.The map really should show more indigenous victims in the NT and remote WA, SA and Queensland but sadly, the deaths of these women are rarely recorded publicly.This makes it very hard to trace their killings and that lack of information is the only reason why there are so few victims in these areas of the map.I am one person, so I cannot possibly document all those lives.However, if someone is keen to undertake this intense project, I am more than happy to provide advice and support to get it off the ground.But the map also offers a broader look at murders and manslaughters in Australia.

Domestic violence deaths figure highly on the map, and that is no surprise as most women and children who die a violent death do so in a family abuse situation.The map is not based on statistics - it is a collection of stories highlighting women and children who deserved to live long, safe and happy lives but were never given the chance.Yes, it would be more efficient to create a statistics-based project, but I believe these women and kids are more than numbers.It is vital for male victims of violence to be recognised and if I had the time and the money I would be the first person to do this.Men are murdered at four times the rate of women in Australia, so that means there are potentially 8000 adult male victims of violence whose stories need to be recorded.

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I have been inundated with messages from angry strangers telling me I am wrong for not including male victims; I am unnecessarily highlighting male violence to make all men look bad; and I am using the deaths of women and children to push some sort of agenda that involves milking money from taxpayers. All of the work on RED HEART, the memorial and the map is done in my own time and it is paid for out of my own pocket, with a little support from family and friends.

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