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According to Budde, a telecommunications research and consultancy company, the mobile broadband market is mature and developed, and further growth is predicted over the next five years.Access is distributed relatively evenly across Kazakhstan's multiethnic communities.Obstacles to Access: The government of Kazakhstan continued to improve ICT infrastructure by facilitating market competition and private ownership in the telecommunications industry, although the partly-government owned Kazakhtelecom announced its plans to acquire 75 percent of Kcell.There were no internet shutdowns during the reporting period, but users frequently experienced connectivity issues when trying to access social media and communication platforms.In July 2017, the State Technical Service, which supervises peering centers and cross-border connections, became subordinate to the National Security Committee, Kazakhstan's most powerful secret service.

Kazakhstan is also developing a complex infrastructure to control internet traffic.Social media platforms, however, have repeatedly had connectivity issues when exiled dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov live streams from France (see Blocking and Filtering).These issues became more evident after March 2018, when the DVK movement, sponsored by Ablyazov, was declared extremist.The government centralizes internet infrastructure in a way that facilitates control of content and surveillance.Kazakhtelecom, through its operations and a number of subsidiaries, holds a de facto monopoly on backbone infrastructure.

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