Dating a security guard

When a lot of agencies hire Security Professionals they bypass the way they “carry themselves” and just hire them to have a body at a site.

Have any of you been caught while going at in public?

It is my understanding that the vandalization happened on the work premises, because I asked Marco if they had seen him do it on the security tapes, and Marco told me the woman didn’t report it.

She was embarrassed and maybe even afraid, and just wanted it to go away. It was about three weeks ago that Marco told me this story, and I haven’t really thought much more about it since.

However, if they do a poor job, then we can replace them with someone else.

I noticed that a couple of Agencies I have worked in simply hire people that are seeking opportunity. I don’t know why I left my police career path as a 27 year old to do Security. with my skills and mindset I was promoted from Officer to Lieutenant 2 and then to Lieutenant 1.

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Well, when we came back to his office parking lot, it was dark and seemed empty so we decided to get frisky.

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