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The sexual tension mounted with every secret meeting, so there was huge buildup by the time we slept together.

He was dominant, telling me what he wanted in bed, and saying he wanted to teach me things.

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But there was another twist: Hameed reconnected with his American ex years later in Washington D. Saying she was OK with him not being in the picture, she begged him to give her the gift of a baby whom she would raise herself.

He now has a total of seven children between both wives.

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Because of the restrictions in Kabul, we had limited options for being together. One friend owned a house exclusively for partying purposes, and that was where we went to be alone.

Hameed always found ways to touch me and allude to things we would do later.

There are a lot of rules to follow if you want to blend in as an Afghan woman.

Then I learned that the groom actually purchases the bride from her family.

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