Dating an ex from years ago Hook up san antonio no credit card

we were together but not official, we just spent a lot of time together and I was so young and loved him, I wanted him but he was a BAD BOY and wasn't ready to settle down.Anyways we split, I married a wonderful man that is currently my husband of 10 years, we have two kids and recently I ran into my EX and all those butterfly feelings came rushing back, two days after running into him I did some research and found out work place and emailed him.

I want to make the "recently" part important, because I wonder if this is more of an infatuation. Spend your time on those who are willing to commit time to you. Similar situation..(the one that got away) contacted after appx 15 years.

Fast forward appx 15 years later & she reached out to me on Valentine's Day 2016 (not sure if that was any significance) telling me that she still is always thinking about me & we've been talking everyday since & even met up several times. In fact our connection & attraction is even more intense.

Unfortunately she's still married, tho unhappily (I'm not married).

He has a daughter now, , i've always wanted a daughter, I see pictures of her on fb, and wonder if thats what the baby would have looked like and naturally feel so much love for his daughter!! dont know if i should go or make up some dumb excuse again!! I told myself that if I ever get another opportunity w her that i was going to take it.

anyway, we are planning to see eachother in a week and half.... I have been in and out of contact with my first love for 30 years. But there was little hope after blowing her off & the fact that she was married.

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Do I leave it along and send an email say every few months seeing how things are going, or do I try to connect with him on a friendly level and see we can become friends via email only?

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