Dating blue balls

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Maybe you’ve wondered if there’s any actual, real-life medical science to back up the complaint.

Or, as we physicians call it, “doing the nasty.” The authors then chronicled their exhaustive search of the annals of modern and ancient medicine for more information about the orbs of azure. Except for a few anecdotal cases in the literature, and a sworn-by cure which involves attempting to lift up a car by the bumper, they found that history has ignored a medical condition that’s been sitting in our laps practically forever. Dissatisfaction with unfruitful romantic outcomes is a part of life, and may continue to result in phantom genital pains.

There’s certainly no place for unwanted sexual satisfaction just to relieve this condition.

Together, they cited information from 13 references.

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I’m sure anyone who’s ever seen a medical drama on TV knows that every patient lies. This patient’s omission was an extremely common one. ) that he’d had several of these episodes prior to his emergency room visit, each of which was after brief episodes of kissing and heavy petting with his first girlfriend. Fortunately, there’s a happy ending to our poor teen’s journey.

A follow-up phone call found that his episodes of ball pain went away when the boy’s first relationship intensified to the level of sexual intercourse.

After you’ve given her a glass of wine, you simply sit far away from her and enjoy your glass of wine (but you are not rude as you still make eye contact with her).

Now the woman from China starts to wonder, “Why isn’t he interested in me? ” Remember, the goal is to get her to think about you, guess whether you like her or not and chase you.

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Either way, you’re probably familiar with that anguished cry, so common in lust-stricken adolescent boys, in response to practically any interaction that could, maybe, potentially have evolved into a sexual encounter, but didn’t.

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