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These established entirely new directions for comedy. to get you pumped up: This is the pregame of romantic comedies. It’s a metaphoric yawp for all that a romantic comedy should be. to consider what you could have done differently: One of the few rom-coms that comes with both a stamp of approval from your philosophy professor and the Tony reaches of Broadway.

Katharine Hepburn, whom the movie was written for, plays a whimsical, adorable socialite who has become besotted with an otherwise engaged (literally and figuratively) paleontologist, played by Cary Grant, and is trying to keep him around so he won’t go marry some pill.Young America was, and to some extent still is, Benjamin Braddock, which reveals the power of this film.. Meg Ryan, his competition for that title (at least in the ’90s), plays an unhappily engaged ) on Valentine’s Day. to leave the past behind you:—the story of a friendship struck between a rarely employed writer, Paul Varjak, and his neighbor, the naïvely beautiful Golightly, a freewheeling party girl whose lifestyle is paid for by the rich suitors who surround her—is a building block of our Hollywood romantic fantasies.Utterly contrived, but utterly charming, this quick, silly, funny film is pabulum superfood for anyone who believes in second chances and true love.. It has the unclassifiable, magnetic object of affection, the reliable underdog who pursues her, expectations dashed, new friendships formed, true selves discovered, and an undeniably racist portrayal of an Asian landlord (by Mickey Rooney).Their first night together produces one of the great moments in the annals of rom-coms: When Cage tells Cher he loves her, she slaps him, saying “Snap out of it!” The film portrays a New York that doesn’t really exist anymore—for one thing, Brooklyn Heights is full of bankers now. to make you even more neurotic about your love life:, this is one of those movies that any list of top rom-coms would be remiss without.

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Yes, it was a different era, but this detail can be difficult to ignore. to get past that one little (or gigantic) flaw: Cher plays a widowed bookkeeper in Brooklyn Heights confronting her parents’ infidelity (and fallibility) who—whoops!

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